Misting Systems Malaysia

LI JIA MIST ENTERPRISE is a specialist and an integrated supplier of quality Misting System, Mist System supply & supplier, Outdoor Misting system in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor & Malaysia.

Our mission – we strive to continuously provide the highest level of professional services with strong integrity to all our customers and, to create proven cooling and dust-free solutions by incorporating the latest technology in product development and adopting the industry’s best practices in every of our finished product.

We are the choice supplier to many renowned signature projects in Malaysia. Our proprietary products are used and installed mostly in shopping malls, hotels, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.


Residential   Mist

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Commercial   Mist   Cooling

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Industrial   Mist   Cooling

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Misting Technology

By forcing water, by means of a high pressure pump, through our specially designed misting nozzles, we create a ultra fine mist.

Cooling principle

Billions of tiny water droplets evaporates, becoming water vapor. The energy used to change the water to gas cools the air.


Our systems are the most efficient solution to keep the right humidity levels of food, materials and of processes.

Dust suppression

Our misting systems provide with extremely effective solutions to airborne dust suppression and air filtration.

Special effects

Misting systems are a great way to showcase your incredible landscape & swimming pool. Something special for your Event, Expo, Amusement park or Sports event

Experienced manufacturers

We manufacture and sell high quality misting systems at factory

Event Hall Mist System

Event Hall Mist System Air conditioning systems perform at their worst in hot summer days, just when they are needed the most. The cooling capacity decreases by 14-15% and the power draw increases by 31%. The problem occurs...

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Restaurant Mist System

Restaurant Mist System Restaurant Misting application is a good way to help increase your revenue by turning around both your indoor and outdoor tables during the summer.Our high pressure misting system will also help bringing in new customers by drawing in passers by...

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Market Mist System Keeping Vegetables Fresh

Market Mist System We have solutions for keeping your produce in supermarkets fresh and to maintain the quality as well as shelf life. This will reduce wastage, costs of hand watering and improve your customer service....

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Home Misting System

Home Misting System A home misting system lets you create a comfort zone in broiling temperatures. Let Li Jia Mist keep your exterior areas comfortable for family, guests, pets, and friends. Li Jia Mist systems will allow you to maximize...

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INDUSTRIAL MISTING SYSTEMS Cooling industrial facilities like warehouses is often the hardest, typically because of the way they are constructed and due to the work itself. Most warehouses feature...

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Outdoor misting installation at oldtown

An outdoor misting system is a series of tubes and nozzles connected to a compressor that delivers water in a very fine mist, so fine that it serves to cool the air rather than just deliver moisture. A misting system can be...

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