Home Misting System

A home misting system lets you create a comfort zone in broiling temperatures. Let Li Jia Mist keep your exterior areas comfortable for family, guests, pets, and friends.

Li Jia Mist systems will allow you to maximize your comfortable outdoor recreational space with an outdoor home misting system.

Use of our systems provides added enjoyment during those hot summer days. We also have systems designed for pets that provide an economical way to keep your animals safe and cool in extreme temperatures. Let us design a unique and effective home misting system that suits your needs.

Click on the images below to check out our gallery of residential misting systems! Call Li Jia Mist at +6019-220 0126 or fill out the form to tell us about the areas you want to cool at your home. We’ll help you see how our home misting systems create a comfort zone for your family and friends!