Cooling industrial facilities like warehouses is often the hardest, typically because of the way they are constructed and due to the work itself. Most warehouses feature high-ceilings, sizeable mechanical obstructions and lack proper ventilation systems. All this contributes to an uncomfortable working environment, especially during summers, when the temperatures soar; resulting in heat related illnesses and lowered productivity. In the long run, it impacts your bottom line and business profitability greatly.

Industrial Misting Systems – Why Essential in Summer?

To ensure your employees don’t suffer from heat stress and strokes and are regularly present at work, it’s best to invest in industrial misting systems. These systems can help you create a cool zone within your warehouse and that too, cost-effectively.

Industrial misting systems are easy to install in a minimal time frame. They can be kept on the floor or mounted on walls, whichever is more suitable to you. By installing misting systems and misting fans in and around your warehouse, you can retain the ideal temperature, even during the hottest days and be confident that your employees will deliver their best at work without falling sick.

The industrial misting systems are engineered to produce ultra-fine mist. When connected to a water source, the misting pump generates the water forcefully into the misting nozzles which helps breakdown water into tiny droplets of fine mist. Once the mist is released in the air, it drops on the floor. It is quickly absorbed by the heat energy, thus creating a cool zone instantly.

Furthermore, you can also install mist fans on the loading dock and in break rooms to refresh and recharge your most valuable asset, your workforce. It’s probably the best and cost-effective way to ensure your employees stay in the best health and work comfortably without feeling the heat.

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