An outdoor misting system is a series of tubes and nozzles connected to a compressor that delivers water in a very fine mist, so fine that it serves to cool the air rather than just deliver moisture. A misting system can be a great way to cool down from the summer heat when you are playing sports, or merely relaxing and entertaining in your backyard. But misting systems are also a very effective method for keeping plants cool, moist and thriving in the hottest summer months. Certain systems, like those in a greenhouse, can also deliver chemicals to help with insect control.

Size, Parts and Installation

The parts needed for a misting system are simple. It is a series of pipes and tubes attached to a compressor. So although the materials themselves will be affected by the size of the area (the larger the area, the more tubes and spray heads needed), the largest cost is actually the installation itself. In most outdoor systems, the tubes and spray heads need to be installed at least 8 feet high, and most installations involve trying to keep the tubing out of sight as much as possible. And so although an outdoor misting system installation is not complicated, it can be very time consuming

Water Pressure

The larger the area to be covered and the higher the tubing and spray heads are hung, the higher the pressure needed to deliver the cooling mist. So the cost of your misting system can be affected by the size and power of the compressor needed to deliver the water into the air. Compressors with higher pressure will be more expensive than smaller less pressurized ones

System Location

The cost of your misting system installation may be influenced in some cases by the location. I you have a covered outdoor area that is very large, or has exceptionally high ceilings, hard to reach areas, or is a strange shape that forces extra pipes or a second generator to reach all the different areas, then the costs of your installation can go up considerably. When you talk to an installation pro about your misting system, make sure to either have them come to your residence, or send them photos of your location, so they can give you a bid based on the actual set up of your property. This will ensure against any surprises later in the installation process.